Having spent several years composing music as a hobby and DJing Tech House in clubs, Brent decided to turn his passion for audio into a career.  Brent works at Microsoft in Vancouver, Canada, designing sounds for an undisclosed project. Brent also freelances in his spare time, creating both music and sound effects for video games, and specializing in interactive audio technology.


Vancouver Film School Vancouver, British Columbia: Graduated with a Diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media
Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia: Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Communication Major

Recent Projects

Microsoft: designing sound for an undisclosed project
Shape of the World (Hollow Tree Games): currently working on sfx and music for multiplatform exploration game
Vox Machinae (Space Bullet): currently working on sound design and music for new Action RTS for PC
Let Them Come (Klemen Lozar): currently working on music for retro action game
Elevate (Mindsnacks): currently working on sound design for Apple’s 2014 app of the year
Rationally Speaking (Podcast): dialogue editor for bi-weekly podcast
Shape Up Battle Run(Ubisoft): created interactive music for fitness-themed game
MEG:RVO: Battle for the Territories (Skunkwerks): created sound effects and music for Action RTS game for iPad
June in January, feature film (The Hallmark Channel): recorded and edited foley sound effects
Various Projects (Dan & Dave Industries): composed music for various advertisements and videos
Sole Custody, feature film (Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II Inc): recorded and edited foley
Focus, feature film (Viewers Like You Productions): recorded and edited foley
Gifted, feature film (Blue Sky View): recorded and edited foley, edited all sound effects (BGs,SFX,SPFX)
One Last Story, short film (Vancouver Film School): recorded ADR & foley, composed music, edited dialogue, mixed in 5.1
Stages, student short (Vancouver Film School): mixed the foley, sfx, spfx, and background audio for the film on the Digidesign ICON in 5.1
Little Miss Mania, TV Pilot (Bluestar Films): recorded and edited ADR and dialogue, all sound effects, and composed music, and delivered a stereo mix
Oky^Coky Advertisement (Oky^Coky Fashion / Clothing): scored the music for a fashion / clothing company in Spain
Papercuts, DVD (Dan & Dave Industries): scored the music for a instructional DVD about playing card tricks & magic
Battlemines, online video game (Red Asteroid Games): designed and edited sound effects
Chefasaurus, student video game (Vancouver Film School): recorded and edited sound effects as a member of the audio team
Shiba Shiba, iPad/iPhone video game (Type One Error Studios): recorded and edited all sound effects as the audio effects artist
Teenage Medusa, student iPad video game (Vancouver Film School): recorded and edited sound effects as a member of the audio team


Sound Design: designing sounds from both synthesized, recorded, and library sounds
Game Audio Implementation: am familiar with using Wwise and Fmod for implementing game audio
Music Composition: composing a variety of scores in a variety of music genres
Foley: experienced in both recording, performing, and editing foley sound effects
Sound Effects Editing: can edit sound effects both for film and video games
Sound Recording: familiar with a wide assortment of audio recording devices
Computers: can operate in both Windows and Mac environments, highly experienced with both operating systems

Software & Hardware Proficiency


Logic: very familiar with Logic for composing music to picture
Pro Tools: I use Pro Tools every day for sound effects editing and ADR recording
Reason: since 2001 have been using Reason for both sound design and music, familiar with ReWire technology

Game Audio Specific (Middleware and Game Engines)
Fmod Studio: experienced with implementing audio with Fmod
Wwise: experienced with implementing audio with Wwise middleware

Trackers: many years of experience using Trackers (such as Impulse tracker or Schism tracker)
T-Racks: familiar with T-Racks mastering software
Virtual Synthesizers: often use a wide assortment of virtual synthesizers including: ACE, Diva, Zebra 2
Waves Plug-ins: highly familiar with many Waves plug-ins including reverb, limiter, and noise suppressor plug-ins

Awards & Nominations

Indie Prize: nominated for best audio (MEG RVO)

About Brent Silk

A graduate of the Sound Design for Visual Media program at Vancouver Film School, Brent also holds a Bachelor's degree from Simon Fraser University with a Communications major. With over 10 years of music composition experience, Brent specializes in orchestral and electronic scores. Brent is also involved in the creation and implementation of sound effects for video games. He is familiar with programs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Wwise, Fmod, and Ableton Live. Brent also has years of experience as a DJ.


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