PAX was fun. Next is E3!

I had a whole lot of fun with the Skunkwerks crew showing off MEG RVO for iPad at PAX. Tomorrow I depart to E3 in Los Angeles to show off Shape of the World. Fun times ahead!

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Talk: Breaking into Audio Post-Production

An insightful look into ‘Breaking into Audio Post-Production.’

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The Sound of: The Lightsaber

This video documentary recently released on the Star Wars channel goes into the design of one of the most iconic weapons of film history: the lightsaber. The video explores how Ben Burtt (sound designer for the Star Wars films) came up with the concept for the sound of the lightsaber, and almost sort of “stumbled” […]

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Mixing Audio in RTS Games: An Interview with Sound Designer Glenn Jamison

Glenn Jamison discusses how he goes about mixing the sound for RTS games. Glenn is a sound designer for video games with many years of experience. He has worked on a variety of projects including a bunch of AAA games for big game studios. He currently runs Retrograde Loops, a website that offers loops and […]

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The ACE Synthesizer – Demonstration Videos

A demonstration of the beautiful virtual synthesizer by u-he: ACE.

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Composing for Film with Jeff Rona

Jeff Rona is a highly regarded and successful composer for both film and video games. He has composed scores for many blockbuster projects including Black Hawk Down, Traffic, White Squall, and The Thin Red Line, as well as the video game God of War 3. Jeff has worked with directors such as Ridley Scott, Steven […]

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Meet Jasmine Jia, Junior Sound Designer at Black Tusk Studios!

Jasmine Jia is a junior sound designer at Black Tusk Studios and is currently working on the sounds for the latest Gears of War video game. She discusses her work at Black Tusk, her move from China to Canada, her love for music, and what it’s like to be a female in a male-dominated industry. […]

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Best Audio Nomination at Indie Prize

Well this is cool. I’ve been nominated for best audio for my work on MEG RVO. Source:

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From Sound Designer to Game Creator: Gabriel Koenig Takes Us to the Other Side with Soul Power

Gabriel Koenig is an audio artist turned game creator. His first video game release “Soul Power” has been nominated for best iOS game at the Canadian Videogame Awards. I’ll say that again for emphasis: his FIRST video game release has been nominated for best iOS game. That is an achievement in and of itself, to […]

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Plugin Focus: Magical 8-bit Plugin

Today YMCK has released their Magical 8 Bit Plug-in in 64 bit format. This is great news for those who wish to compose music or design sounds which sound like the old Nintendo Entertainment System. The best news of all is that it is totally FREE! Check it out!

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